Thomas Saunders has devoted much of his professional life exploring the bonds linking architecture, nature’s geometry and the authentic Tarot’s archetypes with the human experience, our health and the world about us. His presentations and seminars express the perennial, covert, esoteric wisdom of the arts and sciences that have been taught throughout the ages.

Goethe’s  dictum—Architecture is frozen music—prompted him to research the fundamental principles of design, geometry and the structure of a building based on harmonic ratios, musical intervals and proportional volumes. These will resonate with the same harmonic ratios in our body. Such vibrational sounds and colours create a life-enhancing environment.

When he first walked into Chartres Cathedral he felt tingling sensations.

When he sat on a rock in the Arctic, in the extreme silence, he sensed he could hear the world turning on its axis.

When he experienced the calms, the storms and the leaping whales on his Atlantic sailings and living off piranha instead of them living off him in the Amazon jungle, these highlighted the power of nature and our fragile mortality

Again, when he first opened a deck of Tarot cards, he recalls knowing instinctively that these strange, enigmatic characters and numbers could impart profound insights into answering the perennial questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my destiny?

The authentic Tarot’s profound symbolic language and encoded arcane teachings can give us insights to enhance our daily lives and understand our own human psyche and the full spectrum of human nature.

Perennial, mystery school teachings as a modern management tool and ethical guide in business activities and politics

More about Thomas Saunders’s unique perspective can be found in his books, Getting A Life, The Authentic Tarot and The Boiled Frog Syndrome.