Thomas Saunders, Architect, Tarot specialist and teacher
Photo by Roger Eaton

Thomas Saunders has devoted much of his professional life exploring the bonds linking architecture, nature’s geometry and the authentic Tarot’s archetypes with the human experience, our health and the world about us. His presentations and seminars express the perennial, covert, esoteric wisdom of the arts and sciences that have been taught throughout the ages.

When he first opened a deck of Tarot cards, he recalls knowing instinctively that these strange, enigmatic characters and numbers could impart profound insights into answering the perennial questions: 

“Who am I? Why am I here? What is my destiny?”

The authentic Tarot’s profound symbolic language and encoded arcane teachings can give us insights to enhance our daily lives and understand our own human psyche and the full spectrum of human nature.

His Tarot work over the past 35 years has included Tarot seminars and personal readings presented in the UK, South of France and USA (Phoenix and Albuquerque).

He was the Tarot reader for the Marie Claire magazine for three years and gave several broadcasts on London LBC radio.

Watkins published his book The Authentic Tarot – Discovering Your Inner Self and is now on its second printing.

He delivered lectures at the Royal Academy for the British Society of Dowsers, The Prince’s Foundation, Kairos, the Scientific & Medical Network, the Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO) and other groups on the Tarot, decoding myths and fairy tales, mystery school teachings and sacred geometry.

He is a practicing field and remote viewing dowser, was a long-term member of the National Federation of Healers and an Associate Lecturer at the University of the Arts London.

He founded the major international practice The Thomas Saunders Partnership (TTSP). Visit

After 21 years as the senior partner he was prompted by Joseph Campbell’s remark, 

“The real killer in life is when you are at the top of the ladder and realise it is leaning against the wrong wall.”

At that point, he knew he had to move on to explore wider horizons.

He has travelled extensively in Europe, North America, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, the Caribbean and the Bahamas, Egypt, Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, India, Japan, Russia, North and East Africa.

He is an experienced Atlantic Ocean sailor, travelled 1500 miles into the Amazon jungle and camped with the Inuits, 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

He and his wife lived in France for 8 years and returned to Highgate, North London in 2013.

More about Thomas Saunders’s unique perspective can be found in his books The Authentic Tarot; Getting a Life; Thoughts on Architecture Myths & Management; and The Boiled Frog Syndrome – Your Health and the Built Environment.