Thomas Saunders delivers a tarot presentation in 2013A brief synopsis for each Programme and Seminar is available on request. 

These are appropriate for private groups and educational and other organisations as well as:

  • Those with no previous knowledge of the Tarot.
  • Those with a general interest in the esoteric wisdom of the Tarot.
  • Those familiar with the cards or have experienced a Tarot reading.
  • Those wanting to further explore their private study or attend one of the seminars.

As we decipher the Tarot’s enigmatic, symbolic language of the archetypes and numbers we discover intuitive insights and aspects of our own life’s journey to bring us closer to understanding where we are at the present and taking the next positive step forward.

All programmes are tailored to suit the audience and duration requirements.


The Tarot

The philosophy and encoded symbolism embedded in the Tarot.

Duration of each Presentation can vary between 90 minutes to 3 hours.


  1. The Origins of the Tarot
  2. The Tarot, Myths and Fairy Tales
  3. The Allegorical Siena frescoes and the Tarot
  4. The 22 Steps to Freedom – from Naivety to wisdom
  5. The Major Arcana’s Coded Language
  6. The Tarot’s 7 Pillars of Integrity
  7. The Minor Arcana’s coded language
  8. The Tarot, Folk Wisdom and Leadership
  9. Reading the Cards

Business Ethics and the Tarot

The philosophy and wisdom of the Tarot as a management tool and ethical guide for business and politics.


The Major and Minor Arcana Tarot cards – Seminars 1 and 2

An in-depth study for both beginners and those who may be experienced Tarot readers/users.

The programmes run from 10.00 to 17.00 including breaks. These 2 seminars can be delivered in either of the following patterns:

  • One combined 2-day weekend
  • Both run on independent days

Reading Exercises – Seminar 3

Practical reading classes and revision exercises over two weekends or regular weekday evenings.

Practical workshop for beginners and those who may be users of the cards.

  • An introduction to the philosophy and encoded symbolism embedded in the Tarot

Duration about three hours.

Field Dowsing and Remote Viewing – Seminar 4

Practical workshops.