Health Hazards and Electromagnetic Fields 2004

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Research Into Lost Knowledge Organisation (RILKO)

Journal 88  Summer 2016

The Tarot – Our Journey from Naivety to Wisdom

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Autumn 2016 Newsletter

Our Drama of Life 

Watkins Mind Body Spirit

Spring 2017

What is an Authentic Tarot Deck?

Kindred spirits Magazine

Number 148 January 2017

The Authentic Tarot



For private parties, groups and organisations. 

1    THE AUTHENTIC TAROT                                                                          

  • An introduction to the philosophy and encoded symbolism embedded in the Tarot


  • The Boiled Frog Syndrome: is there a common bond between Numbers, Geometry, Music and Medicine, Cosmology, and the design of a healthy, harmonious building?
  • The Perennial Wisdom of Vitruvius
  • The Architect’s Role in the 21st Centur


  • Above the Arctic Circle
  • Atlantic crossings
  • The Amazon Jungle
  • India and the Temples of Khajuraho