Plato believed everyone is gifted with total wisdom and knowledge: all we have to do is to seek out the teachers who help us to REMEMBER!  The Tarot is one such teacher.

The Tarot is a profound ‘book’ – an encyclopaedia of magical, arcane teachings encoded in a covert symbolic language of numbers and archetypal images – magicians, kings, queens, warriors and lovers. These ubiquitous archetypes that we encounter in myths, fairy tales and our dreams are embedded in our psyche/DNA.

The 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana’s allegorical archetypes express the full spectrum of human nature. An authentic Tarot deck’s mystical teachings express the hurdles and pitfalls along life’s transformational journey, from naivety to wisdom and self-discovery.

In our personal quest for self-understanding, the Tarot’s mystical teachings is a gateway that can open a perceptive window on the world about us. It was not intended to be a tool for prediction and fortune telling. Neither is it the sinister ‘work of the Devil

The Tarot Presentations and Seminars are programmed to decipher and interpret the arcane, coded symbolic language of the Tarot’s archetypal images and numbers. These archetypes can serve as teaching tools for modern business management techniques and politics.

The cards’ light and dark sides can reveal intuitive insights and aspects of your personal life’s journey– the hurdles and pit falls –  to bring you closer to understanding where you are now, what makes you tick and what might be the next positive step forward.

Watkins published his book The Authentic Tarot – Discovering Your Inner Self. The second edition was published in 2017.

In its authentic form, the Ancien Tarot de Marseille deck is one of the oldest known complete deck of cards. Its original form retains the profound meanings and integrity as a pattern of esoteric teachings for self-knowledge.

There are dozens of personalised Tarot and Angel card packs available in the shops and the Internet but:  the one authentic deck that has no ambiguities/anomalies in the language of the symbolism is the P B Grimaud edition of the Ancien Tarot de Marseille by France Cartes.